A multi-functional ointment originally formulated to promote post-operative healing, Hydra Balm leaves a protective barrier that helps “seal” moisture into severely dry and compromised skin. Featuring aloe vera and squalene to soothe sensitivity, itching, and irritation, it promotes optimal healing and skin regeneration, and is safe for use after fractional ablative laser treatments.

  • Proven emollients deeply hydrate the skin
  • Pharmaceutical-grade petrolatum provides an occlusive barrier over vulnerable skin
  • Aloe vera and bisabolol relieve dryness and itching, and soothe skin discomfort
  • Ideal for use after professional treatments and procedures
  • Paraben-, alcohol-, dye-, fragrance-, gluten-, and silicone-free

Hydra Balm

  • Apply liberally as needed to severely dry or compromised areas on the face and body. For a targeted dry-skin treatment, apply a light coating onto hands and/or feet in the evening and cover with gloves or socks overnight.

  • PURE PATROLEUM: Forms a protective film that prevents moisture loss and prevents further irritation


    ALOE BARBADENSIS: Naturally-derived botanicals that relieve dry skin


    ROSA CANINA FRUIT OIL: An emollient oil rich in linoleic, oleic, stearic, and palmitic fatty acids that reinforce the skin barrier


    SQUALANE: A highly effective moisturizing ingredient compatible with skin lipids, proteins, and membranes