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Take your health to the next level. Just like with diet and exercise, IV therapy is most beneficial when done on a consistent basis. As a Hydrate member, you have access to special pricing and benefits. 

Maintaining optimal wellness comes down to routine and regularity. With Hydrate Membership you will have access to the nutrients and vitamins your body needs. Whether you want relief from fatigue, a cure for nasty hangovers, enhanced athletic recovery, immunity or detox, this membership has you covered.

1 IV Vitamin Drip per Month

Includes one drip per month and special pricing on additional drips

Discount off Additional IV drips

Hydrate memberships includes 30% off all your additional drips

1 Vitamin Booster per month

Get one booster per month included and 25% off additional boosters

Buddy Passes

Bring a friend who is new to Elaris and they get 30% off their first drip

  • Receive One (1)  treatment per month.

  • Monthly Payment of $149. Payment will be auto-draft each month.

  • A minimum of 6-month membership in the program is required.

  • The program continues on a month-to-month basis until 30 days'
    written notice to cancel is received by ownership.  

  • Benefits do roll over up to 6 months - but are non-transferable.

  • Acceptance of program terms and conditions along with permission to charge monthly payments to your credit card is needed to participate in the program.