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Booster | Glutathione Vitamin

Detox Booster - Intramuscular Injection 1x week

  • 15 min
  • 35 US dollars
  • Elaris Med Spa Wellness Clinic

Service Description

Glutathione is the master detoxifier and antioxidant. Glutathione aids in detoxifying the liver, lungs, intestines, and kidneys, and when given in high doses can positively improve immunity, wellbeing, mood as well as the skin. Here are some of the most impressive benefits that can come with GHS injections: - Reduce oxidative stress - Reverses cell damage for those with fatty livers - Reduces diabetes damage - Increases fat burning instead of storing fat - Boosts circulation in arteries and helps reduce plaque - Can calm down the effects of Parkinson’s disease - Helps fight against arthritis - Reduces common respiratory issues

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